We manufacture and market products that PEOPLE WANT TO USE.   Our elegant, yet extremely practical, Wedding and Event Toilets are just like your powder room at home with flushing ceramic toilets, sinks, mirrors, jumbo toilet roll holders, foaming hand soap dispensers, towel dispensers and waste baskets. Some models have electricity allowing for a safety light, water heater or vent fan.

Interested in purchasing our Luxury Portable Lavatories for your High End Special Event, Rental Business, Private Residence, Warehouse, etc.?   Let's Talk.​
comfort station, 520, Sani Jon, model
model, 520, cost, efficient, comfort station

Model SJSDCS 520

when a portable potty is not an option,model, 600, comfort station, Sani Jon
600, comfort station, ceramic, sink, toilet, wastebasket, wood, floor

Model SJSPCS 600

model, portable, toilet
Waste Disposal, Septic Tank, Sewer, Mains, Holding Tank, Water Source, Garden Hose, Water Tank, Fresh Water

Model 4848E

Heavy Duty, Aluminum Corners, Strong, Composite Walls, Air Conditioning, Hot Water, Waterless Urinal
model, heavy duty, air conditioning, hot water, water heater, mirror, paper dispenser

Model 4848EHD

Fresh Water and Waste Tanks


We can supply water and waste tanks that can be easily plumbed to all of our Wedding Toilets.  

Water source can be our water tanks, a garden hose or hard plumbing.

 Waste disposal can be by means of our waste holding tanks, a  septic system or the municipal sewer system (mains).

water, storage, tank, gallon, white, plastic
waste, holding, tank, gallon, liter, black, plastic

             300 Gallon (1200 Liter) Water Tank                                                   300 Gallon  (1200 Liter)  Waste Holding Tank   

                                              Dimensions:  48" Wide 1.22m  x  84" (2.13m) Long  x  18" (.46m) High

hose, water, hook up, waste, lines

You will be able to Plumb Your Own

Level it - Plumb it - Use it


water closet, hose connection, waste, vent pipe, holding tank
corner, sink, wheelchair accessible, portable, toilet
800, portable, toilet, wheelchair, handicap, room

I'm Wheelchair  Compatible

Models WCACS 800 or 800A

ceramic, toilet, fresh water, flush, grab bars, electricity, handicapped, stall, lavatory
comfort station, aluminum, corner, ceramic, sink, toilet, plastic, cistern, sewer, holding tank, septic, translucent, roof, 36" door, mirror, soap dispenser, hand sanitizer guide rails

Room to Assist a Handicapped or Elderly User

ADA compliant,  7777, lavatory, building, exterior, portable, permanent
portable, ADA compliant, steel base, forklift, easy, setup

Model SSADA 7777

Single Stall ADA Compliant Lavatory Building

Portable or Permanent 

drawing, ADA compliant, 7777, single, stal
Disabled, ADA, Compliance, Compliant, ADA Sink, ADA Toilet, ADA Toilet Seat, Disabled Fixtures, Wheelchair Compliant

  Ceramic ADA Compliant Sink

Fresh Water Hand Wash

Paddle Handled Faucets 

7777, combination, toilet, shower, lavatory, building, automatic, paper towel,dispenser, vanity, mirror, water, waste, tank, heater, patent
self contained, toilet, trailer, comfort station, ramp, hand rail, Sani-Jon, SJSDCS 520
trailer, single, portable, toilet, comfort station, Model 350T, jack stand, rear step

Trailer Mounted or Ground Level Comfort Stations, Portable Toilets and ADA Compliant  Lavatory Buildings

self contained, model, SJSDCS 520, trailer, comfort station, water, tank, waste, hand rail, ramp
trailer mounted, ground level, comfort stations, water tank, SJSDCS 520,  portable toilet, hand, wash, sink, foot pump
trailer, mounted dual, portable, toilets, model 350T, comfort stations, showers